Luftwaffe Pilots Badge Cased by C.E. Juncker

Guaranteed original Luftwaffe Pilots badge by C.E. Juncker, unmarked so-called J4 version with riveted zink Eagle construction with little gold finish still present.  The clasp on the reverse includes a large C-shaped clasp on the reverse.

The award comes complete with a mint presentation case with a blue velvet base and satin blue liner.



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Luftwaffe Pilots Badge

The Luftwaffe Pilots Badge (Flugzeugführer- und Beobachterabzeichen) was instituted on the 26th March 1936 by the commander in chief of the Luftwaffe Hermann Goring.

The badge depicts a swooping Eagle clutching a swastika in its talons surrounded by a wreath half laurel to the left and half oak leaves to the right.

The criteria of the award were successfully issued upon receipt of Pilots license through military or civil training and were available in two variations male and female, which was worn like a broach.   The pilot/observer badge was awarded to crew members who earned both the pilot’s and observer’s certificates. These badges had the same form as the pilot’s badge with the exception that the wreath was finished in gold instead of silver plating.  In addition, the badge was available in cloth form enlisted men and gold bullion for officers.

The badge was originally manufactured in Tobac, and in later war years, it was made in zinc and was awarded in a dark blue presentation case, with a satin blue liner and blue velvet bottom liner inside.