Luftwaffe Pilots Badge FLL

Original Luftwaffe Pilots Badge by FLL (Friedrich Linden Lüdenscheid ) constructed in silvered zink, bearing a Luftwaffe Eagle clutching a mobile swastika in its talons, surrounded by an oval shapped oak and laurel wreath.  The reverse of the badge is unmarked, but this variant is attributed to FLL (Friedrich Linden, Lüdenscheid) with the unique barrel hinge and round wire catch measuring 65.72 mm (w) x 53.09 mm (h), weighing 42.7 grams, in overall good condition.

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Luftwaffe Pilots Badge

The Luftwaffe Pilots Badge was instituted by Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring on August 12, 1935.  It was among the earliest badges introduced and worn by all qualified pilots in the German Air Force.

The design of the badge featured a large, swooping eagle clutching the swastika emblem, surrounded by an oval wreath of oak and laurel leaves. The badge was normally presented in a blue-hinged case.