Luftwaffe Reconnaissance Clasp Bronze By Juncker

An early WW2 Luftwaffe Reconnaissance clasp bronze by Juncker, constructed in tombac. The obverse of the clasp depicts a leftward facing eagle, surrounded by a circular laurel wreath with a static swastika below, with nine outstretched oak leaves left and right. The reverse is slightly vaulted unmarkered but attributed to C.E Juncker, Berlin. The badge is no repairs or damage in good condition.

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Luftwaffe Reconnaissance Clasp

The Reconnaissance Clasp belonged to a series of aviation clasps (Frontflugspange) initially established in early 1941 to honor aircrew members who had undertaken a significant number of operational sorties. A bronze clasp was conferred after 20 missions, silver after 60, and gold after 110. In the subsequent year, an additional embellishment featuring a gold star surrounded by laurel leaves was introduced to acknowledge higher counts of completed operational flights—250, 300, 400, or 500, depending on the branch of service. Around mid-1944, this embellishment underwent a revision, now incorporating a boxed numeral denoting increments of 100, ranging from 200 to 2000. This change reflected the escalating demands placed on Luftwaffe aircrew during that period.

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