This original decoration the German 40 Year National Faithful Service Medal is manufactured in bronze gilt with no makers mark. This piece is measures 41m x 41mm in good condition with nice black enable on the swastika on the reverse is the inscription “FUR TREUE DIENFTE” (FOR FAITHFUL SERVICE), in very good condition.


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National Faithful Service Medal

The Civil Service Faithful Service Medal (Treudienst-Ehrenzeichen für Beamte Angestellte und Arbeiter im öffentlichen Dienst) was a German medal of honour instituted on the 30th January 1938, in two grades to reward civilians and military for long and faithful service.

Nazi Germany medal of honour that was founded on 30 January 1938, in two grades 25 years and 40 years, to reward civilians and military in the employ of the German public services for long and faithful service.

The National Faithful Service Medal Second Class award for 45 years of service was a gold cross, and wreath with a black enamelled swastika in the centre of the cross.

The reverse of both awards was stamped with “Für treue Dienste” which translates to faithful Services. The ribbon for the medal is cornflower blue.