National Faithful Service Medal 50 Years With Case By Deshler & Sohn

A rare National Faithful Service Medal 50 Years with case by Deshler & Sohn, constructed from die-struck nickel silver base with gold-coloured gilt. The medal measures 41mm x 41mm with a black enable swastika in the centre, with original blue ribbon. The reverse of the medal is inscribed “Fur Treue Dienfte”  (For Faithful Service). The medal comes complete with the original presentation case, the exterior is covered in red leatherette with a ’50’ surrounded by an oak wreath embossed in gold. The interior of the case is linned with white rayon material with the makers mark ‘Deschler & Sohn, Munchen’. in good condition. The medal has no damage or repairs in very good condition.


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National Faithful Service Medal

German military and civil authorities implemented a diverse array of Long Service Awards to recognise individuals for their years of dedicated service. These awards were utilized across various branches of the German military, as well as in civil and political sectors such as the police, customs service, and the National Labor Service (RAD). Additionally, a general Long Service Award existed for civil service. Each award took the form of a medal suspended from a ribbon of cornflower blue hue. They were available in multiple grades, each representing a specific duration of service. These medals were typically displayed on uniforms either as ribbons or medal bars, with the option to wear up to two Long Service Awards simultaneously. In most instances, an accompanying device attached to the ribbon bar indicated the nature of the service for which the award was bestowed. Sometimes, the medals themselves featured devices on their ribbons, either as pinned-on metal emblems or through hand or machine embroidery directly applied to the ribbon. While certain German Long Service Awards were widely distributed, others were produced and awarded in limited quantities.


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