National Socialist Frauenschaft Enamel Badge

An early National Socialist Frauenschaft Enamel Badge (Nationalsozialistische Frauenschaft Mitgliedsabzeichen) constructed in bronze with with multi-coloured enamels. The reverse of the badge has no RZM code, but stamped ‘Gesh & Gesch’ as this early version was introduced before any quality controls, complete with safety pin catch. The badge has no repairs, and the enamel is free from cracks or chips in good condition.

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National Socialist Frauenschaft Enamel Badge

Enameled triangular lapel badge representing the N.S. Frauenschaft (National Socialist Women’s League). The design features an isosceles triangle pointing downwards, outlined with a delicate gold border. Within this border, a black center displays a white cross. The center of the white cross contains a red swastika, encircled by the letters G and H in gold, while the left, right, and lower arms bear the letter L in black. Across the top of the badge, a white band with gold lettering reads ‘NAT. SOZ. FRAUENSCHAFT.’

This lapel badge denoted official membership in the Nationalsozialistische Frauenschaft, the women’s branch of the Nazi Party. Established in October 1931, the organization absorbed various existing national and socialist women’s associations, including the Deutscher Frauenorden (German Women’s Order), the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Völkisch Gesinnter Frauen (Association of Racialist Women), and the Rotes Hakenkreuz (Red Swastika).

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