NSDAP 10 Year Long Service Bronze Medal

An original NSDAP 10 Year Long Service Bronze Medal, constructed in zinc with a nice bronze finish, unmarked with a long ribbon with a beautiful patina in  mint condition.

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NSDAP 10 Year Long Service Bronze Medal

The Nazi Party Long Service (Die Dienstauszeichnung der NSDAP) sometimes called the NSDAP Long Service Award, was a political award in bronze in the form of a four-pointed cross, with ray beams between the cross.  In the centre of the decoration is the national eagle with oak leaves wreath, which is suspended on a brown ribbon with white stripes.

On the reverse side, is the inscription “Treue für Führer und Volk” (Loyalty to Leader and People).   The NSDAP Long Service was instituted in on the 2nd April 1939, by Adolf Hitler for male and female members of the NSDAP party who met the criteria.

The medal was available in three grades;

  • 10 Years Award, 3rd Class in Bronze
  • 15 Years Award, 2nd Class in Silver with Blue Enamel
  • 25 Years Award, 1st Class in Gold with White Enamel


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