Order Of The German Eagle Medal, Third Class With Swords With Presentation Case

The Order Of The German Eagle Medal, Third Class With Swords, is a desirable award.  The obverse depicts a maltese cross in silver gilt and white enamel, with cross swords, between the arms are four gilded Wehrmacht eagles clutching a wreathed mobile swastika.  The reverse of the medal is the same as the obverse without the swords and includes a suspension ring stamped “21”  attributed to Gebrüder Godet & Co., Berlin suspended from a period original ribbon with a horizontal pinback; measuring 45.05 mm (w) x 45.19 mm (h); weighing 24.2 grams.  The medal is accompanied by a red faux leatherette presentation case embossed with a national eagle in gilt on the lid.  The interior is silk-lined, embossed “Deutscher Adlerorden V. Klasse” (German Eagle Order V. Class). The box is also lined with deluxe black velvet, where the medal sits.

The medal has no damage or repairs in very good condition, a perfect example for any collection.


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Order Of The German Eagle Medal, Third Class With Swords

The Order of the German Eagle (Verdienstorden vom Deutschen Adler, in German) was an award predominantly given to foreign diplomats instituted by Adolf Hitler on the 1.5.1937.

In addition to awards to non-Germans, the Reich Foreign Minister and the Reich Protector of Bohemia and Moravia received a ‘Special Degree’ (Sonderstufe), with identical insignia to the Grand Cross of the Order.  The Cross is based on the Maltese Cross with German Eagles at each corner carrying a swastika. The Order also featured crossed swords for military recipients.

The origin of the order was the “Prussian Order of the Black Eagle” and “Order of the Red Eagle”. The cross was suspended from a 46 mm red ribbon with stripes in black, red, and white. In the first two classes, the award also came in the form of a silver or gold eight-pointed star accompanied by a white Maltese Cross and gold eagles centered.

From 1937 to 1943 the order was presented in six classes:

  1. Grand Cross of the Order of the German Eagle with star (Grosskreuz des Deutschen Adlerordens)
  2. Order of the German Eagle with Star (Deutscher Adlerorden mit Stern)
  3. Order of the German Eagle 1st Class (Deutscher Adlerorden, Erste Stufe)
  4. Order of the German Eagle 2nd Class (Deutscher Adlerorden, Zweite Stufe)
  5. Order of the German Eagle 3rd Class (Deutscher Adlerorden, Dritte Stufe)
  6. German Medal of Merit (Deutsche Verdienstmedaille)