Panzer Assault Badge Silver By Rudolf Richter & Sohn

An original Panzer Assault Badge Silver by Rudolf Richter & Sohn, constructed in silvered zink with a nice patina.  The reverse has the makers mark “R.S.S.” for Rudolf Richter & Sohn, complete with vertical pinback with a soldered crimped barrel hinge, and flat wire catch.   The badge has no damage or repairs, otherwise in good condition.


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Panzer Assault Badge

The Panzer Assault Badge in silver was introduced on 20 December 1939, the Panzer Badge was authorised for award to tank crews who had actively participated in three armoured assaults on different days.

On 1 June 1940, a bronze version was created for panzer grenadier units equipped with armoured vehicles, as well as other infantry, armoured reconnaissance and medical units serving with Panzer divisions.  From 31 December 1942 armoured unit repair teams could receive the silver badge for repairing tanks in combat conditions on three different days.

In June 1943 additional tank badges were instituted including the bronze version and other variations for 25, 50, 75 and 100 armoured actions. The number of engagements required for these higher-level badges could be reduced for those with previous long and continuous frontline service or who had received disabling wounds.  Only one badge, the highest level received, could be worn.


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