Police Sport Vest Breast Eagle Insignia

Original WW2 German Police  Sports Vest Breast Eagle, which depicts an eagle and swastika superimposed upon an oval wreath of oak leaves machine embroidered in green thread on white background with a black swastika in good condition.


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German Police (Schutzpolizei) 1934 – 1945

Before the NSDAP came to power there was no National Police in Germany, instead, each region had its own police force, controlled at Land or State level. From 1934, the Nazis reorganised and centralised the German police service into two main departments: the Sicherheitspolizei (Security Police) and the Ordnungspolizei (Order, or Uniformed Police).

The task of uniformed police was primarily to maintain law and order among the civil population but their role became blurred as they later expanded to become militarised garrison troops, supplying security battalions, later regiments, in occupied territories to counter partisan activity. The State Protection Police (Schutzpolizei) wore green facings to their uniforms, while the rural Gendarmerie adopted orange-brown.