Prussian Observers Badge

Guaranteed original WWI Silver Prussian Observers Badge with enamelled centre (slightly chipped), otherwise in good condition with crisp detail.   On the reverse is hallmarked with half moon and 800 complete with original clasp.

The badge is silver die stamped, with hollow construction measuring 72.00mm x 45.00mm


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Prussian Observers Badge

The Observers Badge (or Beobachterabzeichen in German) is a Prussian badge awarded to qualified Imperial German Observers during WW1 .

The badge depicts an enamelled flag of the German tactical symbol for the German Army Corp, placed in the centre of a bed of sun rays surrounded by oak leave wreath with a bow below surmounted by Prussian crown.

The qualification Observers badge was instituted on 27th February 1913 by the German Air Service shortly before the start of the WW1.  Most wartime crews wore the Prussian designs, with minor changes to the badges worn by Bavarians. There were also variations in quality, particularly between issued versions and those purchased privately.