RAF Air Gunner’s Brevet Badge

WW2 RAF Air Gunner’s Brevet Badge flat embroidered, with bronze laurel branches encircling the letters “AG” with a single wing, extending to the right on a fabric background.

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RAF Air Gunner’s Brevet Badge

The Air Gunner half brevet was introduced in December 1939.  The first half brevet was introduced between 1915 and 1918 for Observers. This remained the only one until that for Air Gunners was introduced in 1939, which introducing the pattern of letters contained in a wreath that was followed by all subsequent such half brevets. The growth in such brevets was driven by the introduction of larger aircraft and therefore larger crews with specialist skills. The half brevets were worn in the same manner as the pilots’ flying badge, on the left breast, above the medal ribbons. Several variants of the brevets exist, with the number of feathers ranging from twelve to seventeen. . Obsolete; the old ‘air-gunner’ role is now performed by the pilot or navigator