Reconnaissance Corps Cap Badge

Original WW2 Reconnaissance Corps Cap Badge, in brass featuring a spear flanked by two flashes of lighting with the inscription underneath Reconnaissance Corps.  Badge come intact with original lugs, in good condition.

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Reconnaissance Corps

The Reconnaissance Corps, was formed in 1941 as a mobile spearhead of infantry divisions.  The Reconnaissance cap badge features a spear flanked by two flashes of lighting, the scroll underneath reads Reconnaissance Corps.

All the brigade reconnaissance groups of each infantry corps were formed into reconnaissance battalions, each usually bearing the number of its relevant division. For example, the 43rd Battalion, Reconnaissance Corps (based on the 5th Battalion, Gloucestershire Regiment) was the divisional reconnaissance battalion of the 43rd (Wessex) Division.

Initially, coming from infantry units, reconnaissance units used the infantry designations of battalions, companies and platoons. However, from 6 June 1942, the Corps became part of the Royal Armoured Corp (RAC) in 1944 and until it was disbanded in 1946.