Royal Highland Regiment Cap Badge, Black Watch WW2 Era

Original Royal Highland Cap Badge, Black Watch WW2 Era with Kings Crown in white metal which consists of the star of the order of the thistle with St Andrew and his cross in the centre, with the motto “Nemo Me Impune Lacessit” none may touch me with impunity.  The badge comes complete with original lugs is good condition.


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Royal Highland Regiment Cap Badge

The Royal Highland Regimental Cap Badge features a rayed and faceted star similar to the Star of the Order of the Thistles. Upon the centre, within a wreath of thistles, an oval frosted circle bears the burnished motto: ‘nemo me impune lacesset’ (meaning no one attacks me with impunity’).

This is surmounted by a monarchial crown. Within the circlet the figure of St Andrew is depicted holding his cross upon a frosted ground. On either side of the crown, frosted scrolls bear the burnished unit title.