Russian POA Volunteer Arm Shield 2nd Pattern

An original Russian POA Volunteer Arm Shield 2nd Pattern, screen printed on thin woven fabric. The badge was worn by volunteers of the Russian Army of Liberation late war unissued in very good condition.

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Russian POA Volunteer Arm Shield

The arm shield adorned the uniform of the Russian Army of Liberation, which drew inspiration from German forces and was established in November 1944. Commanded by Lieutenant-General Andrei Vlasov, a former Soviet Army general captured by the Germans in 1942, this unit prominently displayed the Cyrillic letters “POA,” representing Russkia Osvoboditelnaia Armiia. The choice of a cross symbolised St. Andrew, the patron saint of Russia and a significant emblem in Tsarist tradition. Additionally, the badge incorporated the red, white, and blue colors of the pre-Soviet Imperial flag. Positioned on the upper left arm, it symbolised the identity and allegiance of its wearer.

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