Original Sports Badge Bronze, Third Class nice maker marked on the reverse.

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SA Sports Badge Bronze

The SA Sports Badge was issued between the years 1933 – 1945, to recognise personal fitness for its political members and was officially instituted on the 28th November 1933 by Ernst Röhm.

Originally issued in bronze the dimensions of the badge is 57mm high with a Roman Broad sword, superimposed over a swastika encircled by oak leaves. 

 On 15 February 1935, Hitler officially recognised the badge which included three grades (bronze, silver and gold) and was awarded to youth and political organisations and all military arms.  In 1939, Hitler changed the name of the badge from SA-Sportabzeichen (SA Sports Badge) to SA-Wehrabzeichen (SA-Defence Badge.

The badge was widely distributed and worn below the left breast, under the iron cross.