Special Boat Service (SBS) Cap Badge

A Special Boat Service (SBS) Cap Badge , hand-embroidered in silver bullion wire, which depicts an excalibur piercing the waves above a scroll bearing the SBS motto  “By Strength and Guile”, all on a black shield, unissued, in great condition.

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Special Boat Service (SBS)

Since its formation at the height of the Second World War, the Special Boat Service has been the elite maritime counter-terrorism unit of the Royal Navy. Made up of small, highly trained teams, they specialise in daring undercover raids that exploit the element of surprise.

Most of the operations carried out by the SBS are highly classified; consequently, little is known about the individuals who make up the unit. Most of them are drawn from the Royal Marines Commandos, and all show exceptional physical and mental aptitude. In short, they’re the best of the best.