SS 1938 Flag Bearers Gorget Relic

An extremly rare SS 1938 Flag Bearers Gorget relic, the body of the gorget is die stamped nickle plated brass with a dramatic Schutzstaffel eagle with splayed wing feathers and clutching a wreath and swastika in the centre constructed from tombak. The two round SS rosettes which double as fasteners for the chain are missing. The reverse of the gorget has the makers mark on the centre tang RZM M1/28 (Eugene Schmidhaussler) who were the sole maker of these. One of the rachet tangs to adjust the chain is missing but the left hand one remains intact. The backing plate still retains its champaign matt paint finish. This extremly rare item is believe to be ground dug, but would still make a fantastic centre piece for a display as these rarely come to market.

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