SS F-M Sponsors Pin By Deschler & Sohn

This exception and scarce SS F-M Sponsors Pin by Deschler & Sohn was awarded to the SS financial patrons. The pin is made of nickel silver, with a smooth black enamel on the front. It shows the SS runes over a swastika, with the initials “F M” for “Förderndes Mitglied,” inside a textured border. The enamel is flawless, with no cracks or chips and a nice luster. The silvery metal makes a striking contrast with the black enamelwork. The back of this SS FM Pin has the maker’s mark of Deschler in Munich, and also has the inscription “Ges. Gesch.” indicating a legally protected design. It also has the SS supporter number “71688′ stamped on it. The pin has a long, straight stick pin, which is attached to the back of the badge with a soldered plate. The pin has a proper ridged shaft, and there is no damage and no repairs. These pins are becoming very rare. This one is superb, and is in near mint condition.

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