SS Service Medal Four Years

An SS Service Medal four years, constructed in tombak with tear drop suspension ring. The obverse of the medal depicts the SS runes surrounded by a oak wreath. The revesre of the medals has a giant 4 and inscribed ‘Fur Treue Dienste In Der SS’ (For Loyal in The SS). The Medal measure 33mm in diametre, unmarked but attributed to Deschler, Munich manufacture. The medal had no damage or repairs in mint condition.

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The SS Long Service Awards, known as SS-Dienstauszeichnungen in German, were presented in varying durations of four, eight, twelve, and twenty-five years to recognize the dedicated and loyal service of SS members within the SS-Verfügungstruppen (SS Dispositional Troops), SS-Totenkopfverbänden (Death’s Head Units), and SS-Junkerschulen (Junker Schools). Adolf Hitler introduced these awards on January 30, 1938.

The four and eight-year service accolades took the form of circular medals, while the 12 and 25-year service recognitions were designed as swastikas. Historian Chris Ailsby notes that these awards ceased to be conferred by the end of 1941.

The respective grades were bestowed upon individuals in various ranks as follows:

  • 1st Class (Gold): Awarded for 25 years of faithful service to eligible Officers, NCOs, and Men.
  • 2nd Class (Silver): Conferred for 12 years of true service to eligible Officers, NCOs, and Men.
  • 3rd Class (Bronze): Granted for 8 years of faithful service to eligible Officers, NCOs, and Men
  • 4th Class (Black): Awarded for 4 years of true service to eligible NCOs and Men.

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