SS Waffen-SS Officer’s Belt Buckle

An original Waffen-SS Officer’s Belt Buckle Stamped SS RZM 36/38 OLC, constructed in alluminium. The obverse of the SS officer’s belt buckle is round and depicts an eagle with outstrecched wings clutching a wreathed swastika in its talons, with a scroll below with the incription ‘Meine Ehre heißt Treue’ (My Honour Is Loyality). The reverse of the buckle is marked SS RZM 36/38 OLC by Overhoff and Cie of Lüdenscheid, manufactured in 1938. The buckle is new to the collecting market having come from a recent group of items discovered by a family who little is known about apart from the recepiant served, as a Doctor with the Algermeine SS. Further information is available on request, and has no damage or repairs in mint condition.


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