Sudetenland Medal, with Presentation Box

Original Sudetenland Medal, die-struck in bronze with Prague Castle Bar compete with medal bar and presentation box in mint condition.

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Sudetenland Medal

The Sudetenland Medal was founded on 1st October 1938, to commemorate the German occupation of Czechoslovakia.  On this date, Germany annexed more than a third of the country and by March 14th, 1939, Germany had completed the total annexation of the country. Bohemia and Moravia were occupied and declared German “Protectorates.”

The Medal was originally awarded to all participants of the initial occupation of Czechoslovakia, including members Sudeten State officials who assisted with the campaign and endured the political struggle.

Prague Castle Bar

On 1ST May 1939, a Bronze Castle Bar was awarded to individuals who were involved in the annexation of Bohemia and Moravia, which featured Prague Castle die-struck in bronze secured to the ribbon.