The Honourable Artillery Company Cap Badge

Original Honourable Artillery Company Cap Badge hollow backed gilded metal.

The badge depicts an old field gun on the ground with a rammer propped on one wheel, a scroll above bearing H.A.C. and surmounted by an Imperial King’s crown, a second scroll below all bearing the motto ARMA PACIS FULCRA (Arms, the mainstay of peace) complete with slider on the reverse in good condition.

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The Honourable Artillery Company Cap Badge

The Honourable Artillery Company traces its origins back to 1537 when it was granted a Charter by King Henry VIII, giving it the longest continuous history of any British military formation. It has always been a volunteer unit. In 1871 it was re-organised into two Divisions, one artillery, one infantry, each with their own headdress badge.

That for the Artillery Division is an adaptation of the Royal Artillery pattern. The Honourable Artillery Company was supposed to have become the 26th of the London Regiment’s 28 battalions. However, it never became part of this larger regiment and retained its independent existence along with Inns of Court which was converted into an Officers Training Corps.