Waffen-SS Camp Guard Collar Tab

A texbook example of a Waffen-SS Camp Guard collar tab, machine embroidered in white thread on black woollen backing. The reverse of the collar tab has typical Dachau white stitch complete with tan brown buckram stiffener. The insignia was introduced in 1941, worn by Wehrmacht personnel who were transfered to SS as guards in concentration camps due to manpower shortages. This insignia was worn by troops from the most sinister of SS branches, and is a historical artefact for any collection. The SS Guard collar tab is in unissued condition with no damage or repairs in very good condition.

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SS Guard Branch

The SS guard branch, known formally as the SS-Totenkopfverbände, or “Death’s Head Units,” was established in Nazi Germany in 1933. Originally tasked with guarding Nazi concentration camps, they later expanded to oversee the entire concentration camp system. Their duties included security, prisoner control, and enforcing brutal discipline. As the war progressed, the SS guard units were also deployed to the frontlines, particularly during the latter stages of World War II. Their actions were infamous for their brutality and atrocities committed against prisoners. After the war, many members of the SS guard branch were prosecuted for war crimes and crimes against humanity during the Nuremberg trials and other legal proceedings.

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