Waffen-SS EM/NCOs Belt Buckle By O & C Ges. Gesch.

A Genuine early made Waffen-SS buckle by O & C Ges. Gesch, die stamped constructed in steel. The buckle depticts the SS Eagle clutching a wreath in its talons with a swastika in the centre surrounded the units motto “Meine Ehre heißt Treue” (My honor is called loyalty). The reverse of the buckle is marked ‘O&C Ges. Gesch’ for Overhoff & Cie, Lüdenscheid. The buckle is new to the collecting market having come from a recent group of items discovered by a family who little is known about apart from the recepiant served, as a Doctor with the Algermeine SS. Further information is available on request, and has no damage or repairs in very good condition.



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