Wasserschutzpolizei Sleeve Badge

A  genuine German Wasserschutzpolizei (Water Protection Police) sleeve badge, flat woven BeVo construction in unissued in good condition.

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Wasserschutzpolizei Sleeve Badge

The Wasserschutzpolizei (Water Protection Police) is a branch of law enforcement in Germany responsible for patrolling the waterways and enforcing water safety regulations. The sleeve badge worn by members of the Wasserschutzpolizei typically features a dark blue background with a white anchor and waves motif, and the word “Wasserschutzpolizei” in white letters.   Some versions of the badge may also feature the coat of arms of the relevant German state.

The sleeve badge is worn on the left sleeve of the uniform shirt or jacket, usually positioned just above the cuff. It serves as a visible identifier of the officer’s affiliation with the Wasserschutzpolizei and their authority to enforce water safety regulations.

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