WW1 Doughboy Helmet Size 7 1/4 Stamped UC310

An original US WW1 Doughboy Helmet, size 7 1/4 which features original green textured paint complete with the maker’s mark heat-stamped under the inner rim that reads UC310, which denotes it was made in the U.S.

The helmet comes fully complete with the original netting leather headband and chinstrap in good condition considering the age.  One of the straps has the name “Smihy”  dated 1918.  Overall the helmet is in very good condition.

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WW1 US Doughboy Helmet

The army of the United States had no steel helmet available when it entered the war in June 1917; therefore 400,000 British helmets were supplied to the Americans to be used until such time as they could manufacture their own. This batch of 400,000 were issued from between July to November and were of the MKI type, with the US later copying the British style, giving there’s the designation of the ‘M-1917 Steel Helmet’, and supplying some further 2,700,000 by the time the war had ended. Identical in many ways to its British counterpart, the M-1917 featured some refinements that distinguished it from the MKI: 1.