WW2 German Decorations Lot With Certificates Unteroffizier Haarman Heinz Brüko 2/402

An interesting WW2 German decorations lot with award certificates, awarded to Unteroffizier Haarman Heinz Brüko 2/402, which was a bridging column unit that was posted to the West Wall in 1940, and ended up on the Eastern Front 1944.


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  • DRL Sports Badge Bronze, and award booklet dated 31s July 1939
  • Westwall Medal and award certificate dated the 30h January 1940 by Battalion Commander Pioneer Btl 2
  • Iron Cross 2nd Class, and award certificate awarded on 12th July 1940 by Field Marshall Günther Adolf Ferdinand von Kluge
  • Wound Badge Black and award certificate awarded on 21st March 1942 at Reutlingen (Baden Wuttemberg) by Medical Officer
  • General Assault Badge, and certificate awarded on 7th May 1942 by General Major Walter Halm Commander of 260 Infanterie-Regiment (Knights Cross Winner & Oak Leaves).
  • Russian Front Medal, and award certificate awarded on 22nd November 1944 at Schwedt/Oder.

This collection documents the veteran’s careers from the start of the war through to the Eastern Front, the collection also comes complete with a couple of photos and post card.

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