WW2 German Railroad Protection Police Bahnschutzepolizei Officers Cockade

A German Railroad Protection Police Bahnschutzepolizei Officers Cockade, constructed in silver bullion wire on dark green wool backing, with metal National cockade in the centre.  The reverse of the badge still has the original paper backing, in good condition.

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German Railroad Protection Police Bahnschutzepolizei

The cockade badge worn by officers of the German Railroad Protection Police (Bahnschutzepolizei) during World War II was a circular metal badge featuring an eagle with outspread wings, clutching a wreathed swastika in its talons. This design was similar to the national emblem of Nazi Germany and reflected the close relationship between the Bahnschutzepolizei and the Nazi regime.

The cockade badge was worn on the peaked caps of Bahnschutzepolizei officers, as well as on their field caps and other headgear. It was also sometimes worn on the collars of their uniforms. The badge was usually made of metal, with a silver or gold finish, depending on the rank of the officer.

The Bahnschutzepolizei was responsible for the protection of Germany’s railway system during World War II, as well as for maintaining law and order on trains and at railway stations. The organization was subordinated to the Reich Main Security Office (Reichssicherheitshauptamt) and played a key role in the deportation of Jews and other groups to concentration and extermination camps.

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