WW2 Heer Kuban Shield Panzer Units

A scarce Heer Kuban Shield Panzer Units, constructed in bronze, magnetic with a beautiful patina and black wool backing cloth.  The reverse of the campaign shield comes complete with a backing plate with black paper backing, unissued, measuring 50mm x 60mm, in very good condition.

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Heer Kuban Shield

The Kuban Shield (German: Ärmelschild Kuban) was awarded to those who fought at the Kuban bridgehead in the Soviet Union from February 1943 until it was abandoned in October 1943.

The award was instituted on 21 September 1943  and was struck in sheet metal or zinc and treated with a bronze wash.  It features a German eagle with outstretched wings clutching a laurel wreath with a swastika.

On either side of the wreath is the date of the operation 1943, with KUBAN directly below in block capitals.  Below this is a stylised map of the Kuban region, with a line depicting the defensive line fought over and the location of the bridgeheads; Krymskaja, Lagumen and Noworossijk.

The award came with blue wool backing for the Luftwaffe, field grey for the army, and black for armoured units.

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