WW2 Kriegsmarine Officers Dagger by WKC

A beautiful early Kriegsmarine Officers Dagger from WKC with brass fittings. The pommel eagle, which portrays outstretched wings and holds a wreathed swastika in its talons, is in excellent condition. Both of the crossguard’s arms have fine acanthus leaves with button-lined ends and a nipple in the centre, and the crossguard’s centre blocks have fouled anchors. The screw-in type button is reliable and functional. The grip is made of carved wood with a white celluloid base that has been securely wrapped in twisted brass wire, with no chips or cracks. The lightning bolt scabbard is an exceptionally good specimen with no dents at all.   The blade is in great condition nickel plated with the distinctive Knight’s helmet maker mark of W.K.C. in Solingen.

This Kriegsmarine Officers Dagger by WKC is a desirable piece with no damage or repairs in great condition.


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