Original WW2 German Army AfricaKorp Cuff Title (Deutsches Afrikakorps Ärmelband) DAK, machine embroidered with silver aluminum wire, with the inscription “AFRIKAKORP” measuring 34mm (W) x 445mm (L).  The cuff title is in worn condition with slight bleaching, otherwise in very condition.

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The AfrikaKorp cuff title was instituted on the 18th July 1941, prior to this date various variants we made were locally made and worn by troops for various branches.  The cuff title was awarded to troops who served a minimum of two months.

The AfrikaKorp cuff title was worn approximately 15cm from the bottom of the lower right sleeve and was seen as a decoration for troops that had served in the North Africa Campaign and were permitted to wear on-the-field grey uniforms serving in Europe.





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