Kriegsmarine High Seas Fleet Badge By Adolf Bock Ausf Schwerin

A nice early Kriegsmarine High Seas Fleet Badge by Adolf Bock Ausf Schwerin, Berlin (Flottenkriegsabzeichen) constructed in tombac. The obverse of the badge has a nice gilt finish and patina with sharp features. The reverse of the decoration has the maker’s mark “FEC. ADOLF BOCK AUSF. SCHWERIN BERLIN” complete with a vertical block hinge and flat wire catch. The badge has no damage or repairs in great condition by desirable maker.

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Kriegsmarine High Seas Fleet Badge (Flottenkriegsabzeichen)

The Kriegsmarine High Seas Fleet Badge (Flottenkriegsabzeichen), was instituted on the 30th May 1941, by Grand Admiral Erich Raeder, who was the commander-in-chief of the Kriegsmarine.

The badge was intended to recognise the service and achievements of personnel who served in the German High Seas Fleet, which included battleships, cruisers, and other large warships. To qualify for the badge, sailors had to meet specific criteria related to participation in naval engagements and service duration. The design of the badge featured an eagle, clutching a swastika in its talons, positioned above an oak leaf wreath. The eagle faced to the viewer’s right and was superimposed over a large anchor. The central area of the badge displayed a naval artillery piece surrounded by a laurel wreath.

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