Luftwaffe Bombers Clasp Silver By Juncker

An early Luftwaffe Bombers Clasp Silver By Juncker, constructed in tombac.  The obverse of the decoration retains its original finish and the wreath and oak leaves are extremly well preserved, and the bombers emblem has orginal black finish secured by a single revit.  The reverse of the clasp is umarked but this is a textbook example of the desirable maker C.E. Juncker with a wide tapered pin, barrel hinge, and round wire catch.  The badge measures 76.01mm x 25.57mm and weighs 19.0 grams, and has not damage or repairs in very good condition.


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Luftwaffe Bombers Clasp Silver

The Luftwaffe Bombers Clasp was instituted on January 30, 1941, by Adolf Hitler in response to the need for a decoration that would honor the contributions of bomber crews who were engaged in the intense and dangerous air warfare of the time. The clasp came in three grades: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Each grade represented a different number of completed missions and reflected the level of experience and dedication of the recipient.

The Silver Bombers Clasp was awarded for a significant number of completed bombing missions, generally ranging from 60 to 110 sorties. Recipients of the Silver Clasp were recognized for their bravery, skill, and commitment to the Luftwaffe’s bombing campaigns. The clasp itself consisted of an oval wreath with a central bomb motif, with the reverse featuring a horizontal pin and hook mechanism for attachment.

To be eligible for the Silver Bombers Clasp, aircrew members had to fulfill certain criteria, such as participating in the requisite number of missions and demonstrating consistent service in combat. The clasp was considered a prestigious decoration and was often worn with pride by those who had earned it.   The Bombers Clasp in Silver, along with its Gold and Bronze counterparts, symbolised the barvery and determination of the German bomber crews during the war.



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