Luftwaffe Observer Badge By Assmann

An early Luftwaffe Observer Badge By Assmann, two-part construction in tombak.  The obverse of this desirable award has a nice dark silver finish with a beautiful patina, and the bold eagle, and swastika retain its original finish.   The reverse of the Luftwaffe Observer Badge is clearly marked with the maker’s logo “A” for the firm of F. W. Assmann & Söhne in Lüdenscheid, with a vertical pin assembly and barrel hinge, round wire catch, and two large spun rivets.   This decoration weighs 44 grams, and has no damage or repairs in very good condition.

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Luftwaffe Observer Badge

The Observer’s Badge (Beobachterabzeichen) was a German military decoration instituted 26th March 1936 by Herman Goring.  They qualified for the badge after completing two months of qualifying service and five operational flights in the role of observer, navigator or bombardier; also, it could be awarded after a member of the German Air Force was wounded while acting in the capacity of an observer during a qualifying flight.

The award was worn on the left breast tunic pocket, after 31 July 1944 the regulations were changed and the recipient had to have held both qualification certificates for at least one year to qualify for the Pilot/Observer Badge.

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