Close Combat Clasp in Bronze By FLL

An original WW2 German Close Combat Clasp in Bronze by FLL, 2nd pattern. The decoration is constructed in zink complete with crimped steel backing plate. The reverse of  close combat clasp bears the raised name of the decorations designer ‘FEC.WE.PEEKHAUS, BERLIN’ below the thick wire catch as well as the “FLL” logo indicating manufacture name Friedrich Linden in Lüdenscheid. The hardware includes a fat bellied pin with nail like hingpin. The close combat clasp has no damage or repairs, and retains 80% of the bronze wash with no damage or repairs in good condition.




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Close Combat Clasp In Bronze

The German Close Combat Clasp in Bronze was a military decoration awarded to members of the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS who had distinguished themselves in close combat against the enemy. The clasp was instituted on January 4, 1945 by Adolf Hitler, with a similar clasp also being instituted for those who fought in close combat against Soviet partisans.

The clasp was designed by Ernst Peekhaus, who was an officer in the Waffen-SS. It is made of bronze and depicts an eagle perched atop a swastika. The award is worn on the lower left sleeve of the uniform or tunic, above any other awards or decorations that may have been received.

The award could be given for individual acts of bravery during hand-to-hand fighting as well as for participating in massed assaults during which officers and non-commissioned officers showed personal courage and determination.


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